Andrea Altea

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I’m a passionate fullstack developer, with a focus on iOS platform and Swift language with a solid experience on Objective-C, PHP and JavaScript.

ShopFully International Group - Bologna, Italy

{ “iOS developer”: [“swift”, “Objective-C”] }

As an application aiming to be as simpler and clean as possible, but with very high technology requirements, shopfully is a really challenging reality.

As a part of the Mobile Team, my work consist in develop new features with a critical evaluation and particular attention to performance and issues, also the collaboration of the design team focused on the user experience is particularly stimulating in the agile environment.

Design Brothers - Cagliari, Italy

{ “iOS developer”: [“swift”, “Objective-C”],
  “web developer”: [“php”, “javascript”] }

In a very stimulating environment, i had the opportunity to work on numerous projects from the ground up, defining the infrastructure and working shoulder to shoulder with designers to study together UX and UI.


    Scontu was a local ticketing service in Cagliari. With the Design Brothers agency, I was involved to develop a new mobile app the attempt to relaunch the platform as a proximity ticketing system.

    My role was to develop the iOS version of the app, with a particular attention to the graphic and the animations and study the api layer to get the data from the already existent platform.


    Playcar is a local carsharing service, active in Cagliari and hinterland. We was involved in the project to develop a mobile native client to rent and manage reservations.

    My role was to develop the SDKs to dialog with metavera reservation system APIs for iOS and Android, also, i’ve developed alone the iOS application and worked on a middleware to integrate reservation informations with user details from the Playcar proprietary system.

  • Others

    As an agency we have worked on various minor mobile and web projects, like dashboards, reservation systems and book reader apps.

MEDISPA - Cagliari, Italy

{ “iOS developer”: [“Objective-C”],
  “Android developer”: [“Java”],
  “web developer”: [“php”] }

In the early stages of the company in Cagliari, I have worked in research and development to integrate new servicesin their products.

Also i had the ownership of a project to realize a content management app (iOS and Android) with a web backend.

CagliariAPP - Cagliari, Italy

{ “iOS developer”: [“Objective-C”],
  “web developer”: [“php”] }

In a startup environment, I was the tech reference who defined the API interfaces to sync contents between backend and mobile apps. I developed and maintained the administration tools and the iOS version of the application.


  • Università di Cagliari - Ingegneria Meccanica
  • Istituto Otocha, Oristano - Perito Meccanico